NGO Unitive Thematic Cluster


under the United Nations NGO Major Group

With the support of the SDG Thought Leaders Circle of the Evolutionary Leaders, a series of convenings throughout 2022 led to 16 NGO’s being signatories to an application to form a cluster under the United Nations NGO Major Group. We were officially recognized as the Unitive Cluster in early December, our circle of NGOs is growing and we now have 7 organizing team members who meet between monthly Cluster meetings and an intern, geared to move into active Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) engagement at the UN.

The intention of the Unitive Cluster is to convene and intervene toward a more unified world by focusing on the integration, indivisibility and interlinkages of all SDGs. The Unitive Cluster Organizing Partners see is as a platform that:

  • is grounded in advances in science that confirm the holistic integrity of life on earth
  • recognizes that a unitive worldview is coherent with most ethical, religious and spiritual teachings
  • supports the cultural transformation necessary to accommodate the SDGs as a lived reality by advocating for unitive policies and practices based on First Principles documents like the Declaration on Human Rights, the Earth Charter, and the United Nations Charter

The Unitive Cluster, open only to NGOs holding UN accreditation, intends to stay inwardly focused on UN processes, with interventions being scientifically-based, founding document-rooted, spiritually-anchored, and commonly-grounded. Before receiving official designation in July 2022, Cluster leaders laid important scientific and cultural groundwork in their United Nations High Level Political Forum Side Event: Setting the Stage for Integration, Indivisibility & Interlinkage

The Underlying Principles that guide Unitive Cluster work, include:

  1. The cosmological, physiological, biological, environmental and spiritual truth of unity – not approaching unity as just a utopian aspiration, but approaching unity as our existential reality.
  2. Recognize unity as a matter of consciousness
  3. Gaia – The earth as a living entity in which all beings are interdependently co-arising
  4. Economic and cultural transformation based on love, compassion and human rights
  5. Whole systems thinking
  6.  A unitive narrative –