The Unitive Cluster
at the United Nations


under the United Nations NGO Major Group

The United Nations NGO Major Group Unitive Cluster is focused on unity and grounded in advances in science that confirm the holistic integrity of life on earth. This emergent understanding of the unitive nature of all beings, which is coherent with most religious and spiritual teachings, provides fundamentally new ground for factoring the reality of global interdependencies into accelerating progress on the SDGs. 

The purpose of the Unitive Cluster is to serve as a platform for collaborative, transformative convening and intervening toward a more unified world and to provide a unitive context for UN interventions on the cross-cutting issues that reflect the integration, intersectionality, indivisibility and interlinkages of all SDGs. 

Unity underlies the entire raison d’etre of the United Nations, it is referenced throughout UN founding documents and remains a focal point of its contemporary discourse. In 1945, in an effort to resolve the profound disunity underlying the Second World War, the UN Charter was unanimously affirmed by “We the peoples of the United Nations” who pledged to “unite our strength to maintain international peace and security.” That same year, the UNESCO constitution proclaimed that “since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defenses of peace must be constructed.” Accordingly, the Unitive Cluster works within the UN to propagate unitive consciousness among and across the profound diversity of the human family.  

The 2022 United Nations Development Programme report, New Threats to Human Security in the Anthropocene Demanding Greater Solidarity, cites the need to create human security through “the eyes of humankind” and also  identifies how fragmentation prevents us from addressing deeper interests of the collective. The Unitive Cluster seeks to transcend the fragmentation inherent in the predominating separation-based worldview wherein division and competition to the point of global warfare are considered norms worth fighting for. 

Using the lens of the “eyes of humankind,” i.e. the holistic lens of unitive consciousness, the Unitive Cluster convenes and intervenes toward transforming division-based norms into values-driven, common good-based norms. The Unitive Cluster is scientifically based, spiritually anchored, and rooted in the UN’s founding documents. We recognize that unity is not merely a utopian aspiration: Unity is the existential reality of our interdependent, interlinked world.

Principles that guide Unitive Cluster work:

    • The cosmological, physiological, biological, environmental and spiritual truth of unity
    • Unity as a matter of consciousness
    • Gaia – The earth as a living entity
    • Economic and social transformation based on love, compassion and human rights
    • Whole systems thinking
    • Support the United Nations in upholding the principle of unity

The Unitive Cluster focuses on UN interventions with projects, initiatives, advocacy, knowledge-sharing, and monitoring of the 2030 Agenda in the form of thematic reviews, oral and written statements, side and special events, executive summaries, position papers, expert group meetings, co-learning opportunities and other Major Group Of Stakeholders-related work. Initiated by the Evolutionary Leaders SDG Thought Leaders Circle, a coalition began convening and expanding in April 2022 and was formally recognized as the UN NGO Major Group Unitive Cluster in December 2022.


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