Mission, Vision, Strategy

A Synergy Circle focused on the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) was initiated by members of the Evolutionary Leaders (EL) Circlea project of the Source of Synergy Foundation. ELs and interested others may become members, and partnerships with other communities with shared goals and values are welcome.

The primary view shared by the SDG synergy group members is based on three interlocking assumptions:

  • Environmental care, equitable sharing of Earth’s regenerative resources, peace, and mutual care represent vital areas that are in need of critical attention globally if human civilization is to survive and thrive.
  • Progress toward achieving these goals has been inadequate given the urgency of the issues and the demonstrated impacts of the effects of unaddressed problems.
  • The framing of the SDGs reflects mechanistic assumptions and consequential strategies that are not likely to lead to the level of progress that is critically needed. These assumptions need to shift to a unitive new narrative and unitary consciousness (called “evolutionary”) that recognizes the nature and interdependence of life and the finite boundaries of the living Earth if the level of genuine transformation that is needed is to be achieved.


The SDG Synergy Circle is committed to articulating and widely disseminating a consciousness based on evolutionary principles to those who are actively engaged in the SDG effort (termed “evolutionary”). These assumptions represent a contemporary shift in leadership consciousness which can potentially propel a broader shift in consciousness among those engaged in SDG efforts, and eventually more broadly in the populace.


It is our hope that those who are engaged in the pursuit of the SDGs will infuse their efforts with unitive and evolutionary principles of collaboration, and interdependence; this will ultimately radiate to the broader human population who will embrace these same principles as guideposts for their own lives and actions. All of this will happen at a scale and time-frame that allows this shift to be a major factor in the transformation of human society on the planet.


We will be a catalyst for critical dialogue and exchange on the  goals, targets, indicators and make recommendations for improving this global effort for transformational change. This requires addressing the root causes of why we are in the state we are in today, as well as mobilizing the needed shift in consciousness and behavior to implement critical SDGs  e.g. sustainable consumption and production; equitable distribution of opportunity; economic, social and climate justice. We are taking initial steps to form a Unity Cluster under the UN NGO Major Group,  cultivating  working relationships with various UN member state and civil society negotiators so we can lobby effectively to offer new visions and strategies with regard to implementing Agenda 2030.

As is often the case with a fundamental shift in thinking, the key to the success, or the failure, of SDG2030 is found not in the policies themselves, but in how they’re implemented. SDG2030 exists as a challenge of methods. Through its seventeen distinct initiatives, we are challenged to balance the necessity of a safe, sustainable, and equitable society that preserves nature’s harmony, with the responsibility of preserving our humanness and our most cherished human values. Our ability to find this delicate balance is defining the legacy that we’re leaving for our children today, and beyond.

There are five core strategies the EL Synergy Circle will pursue:


  • Articulating and promulgating an evolutionary approach toward environmental and social health that is targeted directly toward those involved in or otherwise influencing the framing of the SDGs. This will be done through publications, video presentations, and other forms of dissemination and communication.
  • Conducting meetings and convenings with key SDG leaders to gain their alignment and commitment to evolutionary principles.
  • Assisting SDG leaders in the application of those principles in the arenas where they have influence.
  • Equipping other ELs and then a widening expanse of colleagues in strategies to embrace and apply the evolutionary principles to SDG efforts and beyond.
  • Fostering networking and synergy among circle members to strengthen our efforts to support this SDG Thought Leader Circle collaboration.

“Our biggest challenge in this new century is to take an idea that seems abstract – sustainable development – and turn it into a reality for all the world’s people.”

– Kofi Annan –