SDG Thought Leaders Circle


See the FULL TEXT of the Unitive Narrative.

Initiative to form a Unity Cluster under the UN NGO Major Group

We have begun taking steps toward applying to form a Unity Cluster under the NGO Major Group to provide a platform for like-minded NGOs to partner in UN SDG processes. UN accredited NGOs are welcome to sign on here:

UN NGO Thematic Cluster Information Form

Deep and Rapid Transformation

Deep and Rapid Transformation is a new initiative of the SDG Thought Leaders Circle. We will be posting here soon modalities for you to reach us, and learn more, about this Initiative.

In the meantime you can reach us at CONTACT. Thank you so much.


Discussion and Dialogue Concerning the SDGs

We want to note these already existing public organizations which are also dedicated to discussion and dialogue concerning the Sustainable Development Goals. We look forward to possible appropriate dialogue and discussion activities with these and other groups:

The SDG Academy 
Conscious World Citizens 

Leading Organizations with Educational Tools for Global Change Approaches

[below we have linked to their most user-friendly introduction or tutorial]

The Earth Charter (

The Integral Vision (, new user-friendly interactive tutorial)

Spiral Dynamics (, original website with summaries, bibliographies etc.)

Prosocial World/ Evolution Institute (,,, introduction and resources)

The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Studies ( Please also see Ervin Laszlo’s contribution in the Commentary Section.)

The Club of Budapest ( Please also see Ervin Laszlo’s contribution in the Commentary Section.)

Building the New World [inspired by Barbara Marx Hubbard] (,, introduction and resources)

The WholeWorld-View (,, introduction and resources)

Conscious World Citizens Essential Shift (;

Conscious Business (, [Conscious Business magazine],, declaration and resources)

Design Thinking (general information and links at Wikipedia):

Regenerative Design (general information and links at Wikipedia):,sources%20of%20energy%20and%20materials)


The Circle will be recognizing, and participating in, certain initiatives, programs and events regarding the SDGs. There will be a vetting process for these recognitions and participations most likely based on an application and evaluation process. This process will be announced soon.

We are pleased to announce, and share, the new free and downloadable e-book reference Universal Principles and Action Steps published by The Education Synergy Circle of The Evolutionary Leaders Circle ( a project of The Source of Synergy Foundation (

This standard reference is an historic collection gathered from organizations, networks, NGO’s and thought leaders around the world. Each entry is copiously linked to primary on-line resource materials. Read and download here:

Universal Principles and Action Steps Cover

Johnson, K., R. Ulfik and S. M. Winters [Eds]. 2021. Universal Principles and Action Steps. New York NY: Light on Light Publications (