The vast and disparate issues of our world that the Sustainable Development Goals seek to address can all be traced to a common origin; the insidious, systemic fear of individuals for their personal wellbeing. When the underlying program running for most of humanity is ‘you’re not safe’, ‘there isn’t enough for everyone’, ‘it’s you versus them’, survival mechanisms are triggered. Fear overcomes a respect for the essence of life and resources are plundered, the weak are preyed upon, and conflict ensues.

Addressing the larger issues of the SDGs must include addressing the underlying current of fear. For sustainable change to occur, true personal power must be returned to the individual. Sharing the knowledge of Self through conscious works, books, and action is imperative. When a person is allowed space and safety to explore and embrace their innate essence, they can reclaim their respect for all life, including their own. The inner work of Self prepares individuals and their communities for the outer action necessary for conscious, sustainable change.
Feature Image: SDG TL Circle member Dr Mindahi Bastida Munoz presents letters from American indigenous peoples to Pope Francis at the Vatican in Rome, Italy.