We are all citizens on this planet, nurtured and supported by the planet’s ecology.

We are World Citizens in the Awareness that this is a shared ecology where what we do has consequences throughout the world – beyond borders and national identity.

…The Essential Shift from the Awareness of our world to the Consciousness of our place in the world is vital for the prospect of a future.

From backgrounds in and around the United Nations, it became clear that the challenges of our world are ones that threaten even a level of sustainable living. Climate change, inequality, pollution… these are the focus of the international community’s efforts as declared in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN, 2015).

Alongside these 17 SDGs, the Conscious World Citizen Charter declares 17 SDG Alignments (SDGAs) that address the turmoil of our inner world that cannot address the changes of the outer world from our current level and shows the elevation of consciousness where we can SEE clearly the way our inner world and the outer world are part of the solution to our current dilemma:

A new level of integral thinking.

[excerpted from The Essential Shift [Project Overview]: https://consciousworldcitizens.org/

Feature Image: Richard Bowell is the author of this book on the UN SDG Alignments: An Urgent Plea from the Future.