The Pandemic is a clarion call for the world to change, to heal, to see ourselves anew and to deepen our connection to each other and the Earth as ONE PLANET.

The SDGs are themselves a testament of who we can become. We have a collective responsibility to embody, reflect and LIVE the essence of these goals.

This can be the moment we embrace the art of the question:

  • How do we evolve our consciousness from the individual, to group, to national, to international, to global?
  • What of the SDGs are alive within each of us as global humans in service to the ALL?
  • How does the experience of the COVID-19 event help us truly see and know our interconnection, interrelation and interdependence?

In this moment in history, might we celebrate the “pause” as a gift to us?

The magic of the quantum lives within us.

Feature Image: Working Group on Sustainability hosted by members of the STG TL Circle at the 2015 Parliament of the World’s Religions in Salt Lake City, USA.