Do you feel the winds of change blowing across our Earth, foretelling a great storm approaching on the horizon? A growing sense of chaos and fragility warns of a world out of balance, with various global crises at their tipping point even as the storm approaches.

But can you also feel the winds of global consciousness beginning to rise, serving as a counterbalance and shelter of love during this time of crisis?

We sit at the cusp of chaos and cosmos, bearing witness to the emergence of consciously aligned organizations joining forces to form an interconnected substratum of nodes and networks, even as previous social structures crumble before our eyes. Communities of people committed to transformation—deeply rooted in contemplative practice while manifesting outward signs of compassionate service—are tipping the balance away from chaos and destruction toward deep and lasting peace and global unity like the world has never known.

We are at the cusp of a contemplative renaissance, an interconnected global network of communities that serve as a synergistic incubator for a new civilization with a heart. A global community with a profound commitment to spiritual and evolutionary transformation, environmental balance, justice, and peace for all living beings.
Feature Image: Banner for the Global Oneness Summit panel of Prosocial and Partnership Consciousness with SDG TL Circle members.