I respectfully propose that the SDGs are based upon a worldview built on outdated assumptions. While undeniably important and well-intentioned, they will not be attainable until the people implementing them have risen to a higher state of consciousness. 
The current paradigm has us trapped in a solution-less dilemma. The only way out is UP! to a higher frequency where the laws are expanded and there is more balance, beauty, joy and abundance than we can fathom, where all 17 goals are not only achievable, they are givens! To do that, we need to change some of our most fundamentals assumptions.
John Lennon describes this reality in “Imagine.” Jesus shows us what is possible with his “miracles.” Indigenous people have accessed this frequency for millennia. All of humanity has been influenced by the lower frequency of fear, scarcity and separation resulting in systems and behaviors that have been erroneously accepted as fundamental to human nature.
How do we choose this higher state of being? We open our minds and hearts to new information. New realities. The reality described in the UN’s SDGs is our birthright. It is the true nature of the Universe. We must find the way to align with our hearts, with Universal Law, and act accordingly.

See: www.TheTrustFrequency.net
Feature Image: Deepak Chopra’s “Sages and Scientists” gathering in Arkansas attended by members of the SDG TL Circle.