Taking action to manifest the SDGs with no reference to our interior values is a mistake. 

We must each answer the call to live consciously, and from this place, we must take action at every level of society to manifest the SDGs now and in the lead up to 2030.

Mahatma Gandhi urged us to lead by example and “Be the change we wish to see in the world.” Others will see through anything less than this. To call for change and not fully embody that change, each in our own way, will create only fleeting success. 

We’ve entered a timeframe where we confront an existential crisis. When we deeply understand this, we are clear that our lives depend on our response. Will we be devoted to consciously delivering the SDG goals now and in the next ten years? 

There is no ‘do over.’ We must act now. What will we decide individually and collectively? This is the critical decision before us. In the years ahead, future generations will look back with thankfulness, if we choose to act courageously, but with scorn and worse, much worse, if we neglect our responsibility to act.

Feature Image: SDG TL Circle members Steve Farrell, Steve McIntosh, Kurt Johnson and colleagues at Roundtable Video Discussion at the Gold Hill Historic District in Colorado in follow-up to the New York City conference on Evolution, Consciousness and Change.