The UN Sustainable Development Goals offer humanity a blueprint framework for cooperation on behalf of the common good. History was made in 1945 as the UN was founded and we made a subtle shift regarding our desire for global peace, from ‘peace through force’ to ‘peace through development and diplomacy.’ Granted, we have not yet achieved this outcome, however the SDGs offer a way through to the next phase as we embrace the theme: No One Left Behind.

We might think about the SDGs as a major milestone along the way as humanity struggles to find a balance and equilibrium in manifesting the vision of a world that works for all – leaving no one behind; all basic needs met for everyone. Taking a long view, one might ask what we will call the next phase, i.e. from Millennial Goals to Sustainable Development Goals, to ….


Committee of Religious NGO’s at the United Nations, including SDG TL Circle members, International Day of Peace program flyer.


We know that energy follows thought and that we will get more of whatever we focus upon. Thus, it is imperative that we continue to focus on our shared challenges and opportunities through the lens of peace, freedom, and global cooperation. We are at once the architects and the builders.
Feature Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay