The first time, in the History of Humankind, most countries in our world (194) have signed the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals, (SGDs) and they have committed to achieve them by the year 2030. This unprecedented global agreement is aimed at creating the conditions for all people to thrive, businesses to prosper and the planet to flourish. Countries, cities, businesses, communities and people around the world have integrated these goals into their strategic plans, initiatives, decisions and daily behaviors.

The SDGs have helped people to see more clearly, the connections and interdependence we have on one another and nature. This has catalyzed a massive global movement of cross-country, cross-sector, cooperation and collaboration. Most important, it has helped to ignite a shift in our personal and global consciousness from “me” to “we”.

The beauty of this new way of being, is that we are beginning to unleash the human spirit. This single act of the world coming together around the Sustainable Development Goals, may be the gamechanger that saves us all.

The greatest challenge we have is getting the United States, the biggest contributor to the climate crisis and socio-economic inequities, back into this agreement.
Feature Image: SDG TL Circle member Michelle Hunt presenting on the UN SDGs at a Florianopolis, Brazil conference.