The UN’s SDG’s provide an excellent overview of the areas in need of urgent attention by humanity if the future is to be secured for the inhabitants of our planet. Unfortunately there is little evidence of progress on many of these goals since they were adopted in 2015, and in some cases, ground has even been lost as the 2030 deadline gets even closer. The failure seems to stem from two inter-related reasons: there seems to be a lack of sufficient will and lack of a methodology that is up to the task. And both of those harken back to a crucial question- why are these goals failing to strike a chord in the hearts and minds of those with the responsibility and capability of committing to the scale of solutions that would truly make a difference? The framing of these goals needs to inspire a wide swath of leaders, practitioners, and citizens to transcend their own narrow perspectives or interests, and they must be equipped with a way forward that can truly embody evolutionary principles if genuine progress is to be made. It is this purpose for which the SDG Synergy Circle exists.
Feature Image: Story board from a meeting of members of the SDG TL Circle.