This coronavirus….a virus with a coronation….regal stature and life changing. And NOW is the opening of a window of opportunity. We are One Humanity suffering and learning together. What are we learning now and how will we use it? ‘Choice’ decisions are the golden opportunity for each of us to recognize that one by one we can change our world.

What do we wish to change? And how do we do this? The clue is as an individual linked to the whole, each of us can go inside and identify the ethical universal values needed for human survival. We see fully here we are One Humanity. Thank-you virus for showing us the way.

The UNs SDGs are a vehicle to safeguard our environment. We are part of this environment and are having our own individual safety threatened just like most other life forms. We expected the Climate Crisis to teach us but had not realized that we are also a focus needing to care for our personal survival.

The Earth does not belong to us, but rather we belong to it. Let all SDGs be our outer manifestations of our inner realization that life is valuable. What is (y)our CHOICE now?
Feature Image: SDG TL Circle member Dr. Nina Meyerhof and her Evolutionary Leader colleague Domen Kocevar are co-founders of the One Humanity Institute initiative at the Auschwitz memorial heritage site in Poland.