According to the United Nations Office of Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) Director Simonetta Di Pippo, space benefits all 17 SDGs.  As Chairman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (founded by Captain Edgar Mitchell — Apollo 14 astronaut, 6th man to walk on the moon, and the original inspiration for the enduring concept of the “Overview Effect”), board member of Space for Humanity and founder of Conscious Space Economy, I believe unless the expansion of human consciousness keeps pace with our expansion into space, this potential won’t be realized and we’ll recreate the same systemic socio-economic, political and environmental challenges in space that characterize our world. I participate in three movements related to space and the UNSDGs:

  • Bringing the Overview Effect (OE) Down to Earth.  The OE is a direct perception of oneness most astronauts experience when they see Earth from space, increasing their sense of stewardship for the planet.  Through virtual reality and other programs, we’re developing ways to provide access to the OE while Earthbound.  
  • SDG18. The National Space Society‘s position that the 17 SDGs cannot and will not be realized unless the international community supports, enables, embraces and promotes space exploration and utilization and the development of a space economy.  As urgent, SDG18 can promote the effective stewardship of space and ethical contact with life forms we may encounter.  
  • An emerging brain trust seeking to include public, private, and nonprofit leaders in focusing the contributions of the space industry on achieving the SDGs and beyond, while supporting the next generation of space pioneers in sustainable finance, technology, science, education, culture, and governance, democratizing access to the OE and to space, activating a conscious space economy, and cultivating peace as we pursue the greatest potential of humanity’s expansion into space.

Feature Image: Space for Sustainable Development Conference arranged by SDG Thought Leader participant Claudia Welss, Board Chairman of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS).