The Academy for Future Science supports sustainable development initiatives, particularly affordable, clean energy, and quality education. Through our work as social scientists in Africa and South America, we have found that grass-roots alliances and cooperation are essential when helping people in developing countries advance and survive.

One of many NGOs working in education in Africa, especially in agriculture, we find the support of local UN Centers vital for accomplishing SDG goals. Much more could and should be done: more areas should utilize renewable energy technology such as wind and solar, funding and training are needed to implement them efficiently, especially in rural communities. We can make our world a better place if we share resources and often great accomplishments can be achieved on small budgets. We have provided running water to communities in El Salvador and simple solar light solutions in small village homes to enable children to do their homework inside. Simple yet important solutions.

Of course, major world crises such as fires and sea level rise require immediate attention by all countries claiming to support SDG goals, but these large-scale projects need direct government influence. Our role is education, so people understand that we each can play an important part in mitigating both small- and large-scale crises.


Moving to a Green Hydrogen Economy

The planet is rapidly changing, and it’s time to introduce a new Hydrogen Economy. We support Green Hydrogen using water, even salt water, where the principal by-product is water. Companies all over the world are ready to make the breakthrough, they just need our collective support for changing from our present fossil fuel system to something totally green.

The Academy is also in favor of electric vehicles, but electricity mainly comes from fossil fuels. Solar and wind are a better source of electricity, but one needs to store the energy they generate. However, other solutions exist. We believe one of those is hydrogen-based technology, including, for example, saltwater batteries as a solar energy storage device.

Small companies are not alone in seeking to support a hydrogen economy; major companies like GE and Shell are also getting onboard, along with Toyota and many others. US companies, like Nikola Motor Company, are also leading the way in transportation.

Portugal is starting plans to construct a solar-powered hydrogen plant. Japan and South Korea have articulated their ambitions to transform themselves into hydrogen-fueled societies by 2050.

Whether for energy use in your home, your company, your car or the airplanes you fly in, hydrogen is the best solution for a green technology.

Feature Image: Drs. J. J. and Desiree Hurtak, SDT TL Circle members, working with indigenous peoples in the Amazon region.