What’s really happening?

Pandemic —> Recession/Depression —> Psycho-Cultural Shocks —> Myriad Cascades


  • An existential ecological crisis, amidst a crisis of sensemaking and meaning, on an overpopulated planet.
  • Hypercomplex interconnections among all global human systems: political systems, informational, online and media ecosystems, financial & monetary systems, energy systems, agricultural and food systems, healthcare systems, educational systems, supply chains, political systems, etc. —> Unpredictable vulnerabilities and fragilities.


3 Collective bottom line objectives:

  1. Avoiding / minimizing dystopian societal breakdown and cultural regression
  2. Seizing the opportunity for more fundamental healthy systems redesign
  3. Co-creating a series of survivable transitions from the overheated and unsustainable status quo — that is: A Soft Landing.

United Nations community event graphic based on Ken Wilber’s Integral philosophy for which Terry Patten has been a long term colleague and a co-author with Wilber of Integral Life Practice.


It’s personal: A new human maturity is necessary. 

  1. We are novices arriving at a monastery, purifying ourselves for a whole new life — of renunciation in service (and an awakened and joyful inner life) 
  2. We are consumer addicts arriving at a recovery center, with no therapists or proven protocols, with no alternative to befriending one another, confronting our demons and liberating ourselves and one another to a newly meaningful sober life of contribution
  3. We are citizens reporting for duty — Our draft notice enlists us in service, working on many levels to “be the change” and to co-create elements of a sustainable life-affirming civilization

See: https://terrypatten.com, https://newrepublicoftheheart.org, http://stateofemergence.org
Feature Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay